Google is bringing DoubleClick to billboard ads for the first time — which could be huge for outdoor advertising

Google is bringing DoubleClick to billboard ads for the first time — which could be huge for outdoor advertising – Read at Business Insider:

NBA Tip off for you…”Watch spending ya money this season”



Being in the NBA does have its Perks!!!
Lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, marketing executives and your crew from way back will be hanging in your entourage this season they just love the NBA. To protect you we have placed spending your money in four tiers:

The first tier: represents  the professionals you have chosen to handle your day-to-day financing and budget.  This group will make money from you this NBA season, because they are paid to make sure you keep to your budget. You need to make sure they are keeping to their budgets as well. Watch excessive fees and who is writing the checks. Attend important meetings and make sure no transactions goes down without your written consent.

The second tier represents the entrepreneur in you. That’s right, now that you have that money you can open up that business you always wanted to get off the ground. Remember you are an employee of a franchise. Although your work is seasonal, you have to condition 12 months out of the year.  Do you really have time to devote much thought to another job requiring employees, payroll, and deadlines? Many athletes think about investments outside of the their lucrative contracts and may get stuck with a bad investment.  The reality is: there will be plenty of time later in your career to participate in investment opportunities.

The third tier represents  luxury living. Yes, enjoy the fruits of your labor you have worked hard, made good grades, put yourself through school and now its time to benefit from the fruits of your labor.  Remember the desires of the heart have no limits. Everyday you can wake up and think of something you desire to have. Quickly learn to align your desires with your budget. Some desires will have to be fulfilled next season.

The fourth tier represents your family and friends. Learn how to say “NO.” If you practice saying “NO,” when you do say “YES,” it makes it seem like a real big deal. 🙂

Spending Tips:  Assemble you a team of 5 people from each generation and observe their consumer behavior. Run your purchases and ideas through a millennial, generation X, generation Y, baby boomer, and traditionalist. If you can get all 5 of them to agree with you on your idea then that may be a solid purchase. You can also holla at J. Money at Budgets are $exy

Always pay your tax obligation (IRS) and other tax entities first. If you don’t pay them now you will pay them later and trust me you don’t want to see them later.

Protect your money this season like you protect that ball coming down the court. Have a great 2015-2016 season. I will be watching!!!

Business and Love

The millionaire couple who could teach you a thing or two –

Great story written by Lucy Hooker.Business Reporter, BBC

Here’s how the 40-hour workweek became the standard in America

Here’s how the 40-hour workweek became the standard in America – Read at Business Insider:

This article was written by Shana LeBowitz at Business Insider. Published on 10/24/2015.
Later on we will be discussing this article in our Business Chatroom.

The 50 most powerful companies in America

The 50 most powerful companies in America – Read at Business Insider:

The 29 most charming inns for an amazing fall getaway

The 29 most charming inns for an amazing fall getaway – Read at Business Insider:


imagesNODJVI6ZDiscernment is that keen intuition that tells our faculties when to go into overdrive or when to put the gears in reverse.  All new employees want to do a good job for their new boss. However, there will always be a scenario where the boss may support one employee’s talents and advancement, while obviously over looking another’s talent.  This is no reason to be alarmed.  This is a natural phenomenon and a great opportunity to explore  leadership coaching and support.  Leaders develop other leaders while managers manage the day-to-day operations. Managers may acquire talent for the day, but leaders look to develop talent for the organization as a whole.  In the modern workforce competition is fierce.  It can be hard to get noticed for those advanced positions.  Be patient your time will come.  This is a great opportunity to hone your business discernment.  Discern your environment. “When someone supports  and belive in what you do, you can do no wrong!  When someone does not believe in what you do, you can do no right! Discern the difference. Don’t overwork yourself. Ask God to raise up an advocate to show you favor in your talents.


http://ChangeChange is when you realize that I want to “Do Something Different.” I’m going to change right now, at this moment, Today!

I don’t have a roadmap or a blue print, but I’m going to fill this space.

My motivation is:  Seclusion from one’s environment for the purpose of work, mediation and perfection!

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