One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor


In this topic of discussion what do we mean by ceilings and floors? I first define a ceiling as any physical, mental or spiritual configuration put in place to protect or shelter you from the elements of nature. A ceiling can also be used to inform the builder that he has met all the specifications and designs of the buidler based on a set determined measurement and the project is complete. By contrast, what do we mean by floor. The floor is the beginning of a new project it has no visible ceiling or ending point. It is often made of material that can support the expected load. So, it is safe to say, “One man’s completion point is another’s man starting point.” How can you tell if you have hit your financial ceiling or about to embark on new beginnings? Well, I think you decide that! This transition in life is mostly determine by your vision. Money is not necessarily the end goal, but it is one measure (there are others) we use to determine how much you will need to accomplish the quality of life you choose to have. For example, try this. I am at the floor of my financial journey. I’ve built my spiritual floor so my foundation is solid. In the next 12 months, these are the things I hope to accomplish if God wills:

I plan on a gross income of $500,000 this year; I am going to make these purchases and donations:

I’m going to give a 10th to my church family ($50,000)

March 2016 – Art painting of my choice $1200 budgeted
June 2016 – Art painting of my choice $1200 budgeted
September 2016- Art painting of my choice $1200 budgeted
December 31, 2016 – Art painting of my choice $1200 budgeted
June 30, 2016 – Purchase a new home for $200,000 budgeted
July 1, 2016 – Take my son on a trip to Florida $3,000 budgeted
November 2016 – Take a trip to Cayman Islands $6,000 budgeted
Oh yeah! might as well throw a car in there. Lol
In March 2016 – $25,000 for a new car.

If your financial ceiling is $70,000 a year it is next to impossible that these goals will happen for you without some spiritual intervention, but if you readjust your thinking and start to climb mentally, you will start adjusting priorities in your life to accomplish whatever it is you desire and have so much fun while doing it. You don’t need the approval of others just go make it happen!!!