Voice has Power in 2016!

My voice has power in 2016!

  1. What does this mean for you? I’m not talking about the sound produced in a person’s larynx and uttered through the mouth as speech or song. I’m talking about the experience that comes with having an opinion and expression about issues pertaining to your life and your well being! The ability to command things and they come into EXISTENCE!!!

Voice on my job!

I want more than a voice. I’m looking for a choice. Yes, a proclamation in matters as it relates to my job, working conditions, work schedule and pay. Oh, that’s just one area where I’m looking to be heard.

Voice in my relationship!

Relationships (Female’s voice)
I would like to go dancing once a month.
I would like flowers delivered once a year.
I like to travel and go on vacation sometimes.
I would like you to wash my car once a week.
Tell me I’m pretty and mean it!

Relationship (Man’s voice)
I want you to make love to me more!
I want you to make love to me more!
I want you to make love to me more!
I want you to keep the house clean.
I want you to cook sometime.
I want you to spend less time on your phone.
I want you to be quiet!

Voice in my community

I would like for my trash to be picked up twice a week.
I would like all new water and sewer lines on my block.
I would like to purchase the vacant houses on my block.
I would like to be the alderman for my ward.

I would like to be on the school board.
I would like to pastor a church.

I realized after many years of observation that having a voice that matters is for a select few. How many people would love to have their own radio shows, tv shows, etc. Everyone has a story to tell. It is about having power behind what you say and making it yield fruit for your life that matters. Oh yeah, and for those who have a distinctive voice and want to work as a voice-over talent you can go to: http://www.voices.comhttp://voicebunny.com or https://www.fiverr.com

What does the bible say about having a voice?

In Psalms 33:9, “For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.”

In Proverbs 12:6 “The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood, but the mouth of the upright will deliver them.”

In Proverbs 16:21 “The wise in heart will be called understanding, and sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness.”

See what I’m saying:)

Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of power behind your voice? I know I would.  Just think how humanity could benefit if the right people could have a platform to speak and move with power.




My M.B.A. stands for Moved By the Annointed hand of God!


God’s hand is what you are going to sure enough need if you list your MBA on your resume among your educational accomplishments when the job does not necessarily require one. This is the most coveted, yet hated degree on the planet.  But Why???

The reason is… most managers, directors, VPs and CEOs have made it to the top of the ranks without it.  Its going to be very difficult to convince them why they should give you preference over a candidate who is just as eligible for the position as your are just because you have an MBA.

The first thing they are going to ask is, “What makes you a Master of Business? At that point, you should be able to pull out a portfolio of business ideas, start ups, and applications you’ve designed for yourself and others that could possibly and humbly stand you out as a candidate.  In other words, what can you do to generate money for the company behind the degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an HR manager with MBA is $99,720. I’ve had an MBA for 15 years and I’ve never received a job offer for that kind of money. There are a few of the BIG Consulting Firms that hire MBAs and if your are fortunate enough to get one of their names under your belt you may tout the respect are be sought after by large corporations, but for the most part for most MBA holders you have to prove that what you have is valuable behind the credentials.

I know plenty of managers who make between $95,000 to $235,000 and they only have a Bachelor’s Degree. Well, I forgot one of them has a law degree. What I’m saying is there is inconsistency of actually what the real worth of holding an MBA should be.

After years of observation, I noticed the true Master of Business Administration is one who can create his own shot. In 2016, I foresee 2 things happening in the life of MBA Holders.

  1. They are going to realize there calling to the world of Business and what this requires.
  2. They need to expand and go after work as contractors, authors, business consultants, church consultants, life coaches, entrepreneurs and creatively find other avenues to make money on their own in addition to the traditional 9am to 5pm. So, if you are in the middle of looking for a job opportunity, “Don’t Sweat it” you’ll come up with a solution you were born to do this:)

What I have decided to do in this season is change the meaning of my MBA. I rededicated it back to GOD. It now stands for:

Moved By the Anointed

Hand of God!!!

1 John 2:27, You are anointed of God

Kings were anointed. 1 Samuel 16: 3,13 says, “Invite Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will show you what to do. You are to anoint for me the one I indicate. So, Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord Came upon David in power.”



Contingent Employees released during the Holiday Season!!! In the name of Jesus say it isn’t so.


What is a Contingent Worker? This term “contingent work” was coined by Audrey Freedman ( 1985, p35) to describe “conditional and transitory employment arrangements as initiated by a need for labor usually because a company has an increased demand for a particular service or a product or technology, at a particular place, a particular time. ”

I can see a rise in lawsuits and regulations governing the management of the contingent (Temps) workforce.  There is an area of Exploitation surrounding the use of Contingent employees.  Contingent employees work for less, are usually given the most labor intensive assignments and literally have very few benefits. Management believes that temps are “at will” employees where they basically just make a phone call to the staffing agency and get rid of them. Uh, not so fast!  These employees  are still covered by state and federal employment laws. O.K. how do I hire a temporary or a contingent employees? You can partner with a staffing agency for a limited amount of time and pay them to find workers for you. You pay them a fee of $32 and they pay the employee $22.00. The agency makes its money on the spread.

Contingent employment is a quick way to get your foot in the door with a great agency in hopes of landing a full-time benefit eligible position. Most employers are glad to receive the quick help particularly when the workload is in full-swing and will work diligently to secure you a regular long term position in the future.

Then there are other firms who clearly exploit the contingent employee/employer relationship.

So you asked, What is an example of exploitation??? An example of exploitation is… You hire a person to your organization who has all the qualifications to perform the job with a couple of advance degrees and certificates. You promise the employee that based on their interest you can find them employment in the agency at a later time. You use this as bait to get them to take the assignment.  You make them a part of the team, invite them to team meetings, you are assigning them work and managing their day-to-day activities.  They are participating on webinars, conference calls and attending training session with management and leadership. You have actually established that you are a joint employer with the temp agency in supervising the employee.  The contingent employee develops a sense of belonging and connection. You continue to expand the team and offer full-time benefit eligible position to other employees with the appearance of overlooking them for career opportunities. For all intent purposes you have met your end of year goals. The work project is complete. Right before the Christmas Holiday, (which is also during the week of the end of year calendar for budgets) You’ve determined that you no longer need them and call the temporary agency and tell them you no longer need them after five months they are not a good fit. .Well, this hiring and firing practice can cost your company tons of cash. It may be enough to establish a cause for retaliation and harassment under a  basic EEO claim. If the contingent employee has applied to a job under the to work for the same employer and is over 40 they are covered under ADEA. Here is just a quick recap on the Basic of filing and EEO Claim:

  • Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act
  • Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA)
  • Retaliation
  • Harrassment
  • Damages in EEO Litigation
  • What you can do to prevent this:
  1. Develop a policy around the length of time you will release or convert a temporary/contingent employee to a permanent position. A three month contract (s) should be sufficient.
  2. Define how much access  the employees will have to confidential information.
  3. Avoid any suggestions are promises that would allude to them being a part of the company or permanent employee.
  4. Establish an independent supervisor of manager who handles contingent employees for the agency.
  5. Review your negotiated contract and work very closely with your labor union on the use of contingent employees.
  6. Make sure all of your managers are properly trained annually on how to hire and manage a diverse work group.

For more information on this topic you can visit Employment and Labor Law Insider. You can also read the article:  Four Reasons to be Careful about Contingent workers

During the interview ask the employee when is the last contingent assignment he/she has worked. Working continually as a contingent employee is not a good thing on your health if you are seeking a permanent position. Many contingent employees work long hours and days with little or no vacation time in between assignments. They admit to needing the rest, but they are not given PTO days. If they take off work for stress, sickness they will be out of work with no pay.

I am a champion and an outright spokes figure on “NOT RELEASING CONTINGENT EMPLOYEES DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

God said in Malach 3:5 “and I will come near you for judgement; I will be a swift witness against those who exploit wage earners”


Yahoo is all over the place. They need Turnaround Specialist!

wp-1449683142494.jpgAdvice to Marissa Mayer (not that she needs any she is already smart:)


One minute we are selling off Alibaba net worth of $54 billion and the next minute we are not!

Whenever companies are going through tumultuous times and fighting with aggressive hedge fund shareholders who insist on running the day-to day operations.  I recommend implementing a turnaround team. A group of business professionals who will keep the core business running smoothly and keep a roof on the place, while the board and wall street are tap dancing and making noise from the roof top!

Turnaround teams come in and make use of data to set goals and promise turnaround in 15 to 18 months.  These teams are strategically implemented to tackle the large business needs of large organizations without necessarily disrupting the company as a whole. The most effective teams are those where there are 5 talented people with varying levels of experience with turnaround initiatives in different industries and occupational fields. I’m not necessarily in agreement that turnaround specialist have to be from the same industry. Most struggling companies need a fresh set of EYES AND IDEAS! All companies want to do 3 things:

  • Increase revenue,
  • decrease expenses and
  • run efficiently as possible to make money for the shareholders

John D. Rockefeller one of my favorite turnaround specialist, was not in the oil business he was in the commodities business. He was approached by a friend to be a passive investor in an oil refinery. Rockefeller was hesitant about the venture, but agreed. One day he was conducting a walk through at one of the refineries. He noticed oil was leaking out of the barrels and onto the floor. He raised the question, “Why are you filling that barrel up with that much oil to the point of overflow? The linemen responded, “we were told by management to fill the barrels up and we have always done this.” Rockefeller told them that was millions of dollars all over the floor. As a passive investor he told management to redesign the barrels with the line inside and the assembly line was only to fill the oil barrels to the line. This implementation saved millions of dollars fairly quick!

Turnaround teams come in and work with the grass roots efforts of the company.

Marissa has done a fantastic work with the Yahoo mobile, she is a technological genius, but will she be able to buy some more time to map out a new business strategy for Yahoo’s core business, Alibaba ecommerce or will they sell the entire business. They should start lobbying for a reduction in capital gains tax or get innovative and come up with another stream of revenue to offset that tax bill.

By the way, congrats on the new babies!


A nude painting by Modigliani sold for $170 million — the 2nd-highest price ever for a painting at auction

A nude painting by Modigliani sold for $170 million — the 2nd-highest price ever for a painting at auction – Read at Business Insider: http://www.businessinsider.com/a-painting-by-modigliani-sold-for-170-million-2015-11?&platform=bi-androidapp

Billionaire John Paul DeJoria says the smartest thing he’s ever done with his money is a habit he started at age 6

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Kindle for Samsung


Prayer is for POWERFUL MEN!


Prayer is for all men

The late rapper Tupac Shakur once said, “Is there a heaven for a “G”, G as in gangster. No matter what your image maybe as a man, whether you are cool, calm, collected, rough, rugged, stiff and rigid whatever! We all know that there comes a time when that situation, business decision, auto purchase, home purchase, girlfriend, wife, lover, job and other pursuits got your back against a wall and you look around and you are all alone:( Well, you thought you were alone!

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