Prayer is for POWERFUL MEN!


Prayer is for all men

The late rapper Tupac Shakur once said, “Is there a heaven for a “G”, G as in gangster. No matter what your image maybe as a man, whether you are cool, calm, collected, rough, rugged, stiff and rigid whatever! We all know that there comes a time when that situation, business decision, auto purchase, home purchase, girlfriend, wife, lover, job and other pursuits got your back against a wall and you look around and you are all alone:( Well, you thought you were alone!

Prayer is practical

Men RULE and they ROCK and as long as you are over this planet God will listen to your prayer request. Yes, no matter what! “You have not because you ask not” just start talking to God about everything. O yeah, you might have to repent. Not only that, I heard women say it is super sexy to see a man who is in control of the world humble himself for a few seconds to give reverence and acknowledgement to GOD. Ladies don’t be confused there are many men praying to the god with a small g ( g like in video game. That Grand Theft Auto 5 God.  Why do strong powerful men play with video games? Sorry, I digressed.)

Some of us have messed up this money thing so bad, it’s going to take 10 European banks to bail us out. Got the audacity to say you don’t believe in prayer. WHAT??? You better be praying to something! You are down to your last nickel. But, be encouraged help is on the way!!!

Prayer is for business men

This is a plea to the young men in the business world. Whether you considered it a book of tales and imaginary people or a myth that’s been handed down by men who are extinct as dinosaurs, give the Bible and Prayer a try! Most of the successful business men I read about: John D. Rockefeller, Napoleon Hill are men who talk about prayer, faith and giving. You can read about 5 of the richest Holy men at this website:, Living on a Prayer: 5 Richest Holy Men and their net worth (I’ve listed 7):  Bishop David Oyedepo $150 million, Matthew Ashimolowo $6 million, Temitope Joshua 10 million, Bill Graham 25 million, Creflo Dollar 27 million, Benny Hinn 42 million, Chris Oyakhilome 50 million.  You can also add E. M. Bounds collections of Prayers to the list.

We gotta start somewhere and prayer is the beginning and the end of receiving divine instruction on which way to go.

On a more serious note:  We talk about Business and wealth on this website so this article makes light of having God through prayer in our business decisions. However, our hearts are always mindful of the need to pray for the sick and the shut in, orphans and widows, the poor, veterans and those who are also grieving the loss of loved ones and friends. Prayerful and thankful for what we have. In Hebrews 13:5 it says, “Keep your life free from LOVE of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” We are not saying to love money, we are just petitioning God to be better stewards of what we have as we pray for power to get wealth.