Temptations – Celebration of Black History Month


Temptations and artwork

The Temptations America’s finest music machine! Lenard Hinds world class artist, musician and performer painted this promotional piece of the “Classic 5” Temptations. This is from a promotional piece from their many albums as they traveled the country with Motown Records performing hit songs. Lenard Hinds was also signed to Motown records briefly.

Temptations endure racism but they continued to perform

Lenard recalls with a distant stare in his eyes as he goes back through the time tunnel of racism and music with his thoughts. Lenard speaks and then he pauses and sighs, ” I can remember groups having to perform separate shows. One for “colored” people and one for “whites.”

Temptations and the binding power of music

Lenard agrees that one thing music does for humanity is it brings people together. Music pierces through the soul as it reaches past the taught racism and bias that lay coiled in the hidden parts of the hearts in just a few. Music penetrates the spirit and prepares the body to shake rattle and roll which allows the willing participants to feel the movement of love, peace and grace. I asked Lenard why he chose to paint the temptations and he said, “Their music and on stage persona represents America’s finest music machine. They could sing, harmonize, dance and they looked good. They were actually developed and groomed for international success. They are still performing and touring. You can visit the temptations website:  http://www.temptationssing.com.  They sang as a group. However, it was their unique individual pieces that uniquely fit together that made them a solid whole!

Lenard has original footage of some of the finest musicians in the history of music.

He gets excited when he starts to share his memories of concerts in the park. He states, You would have had to be there to understand the aura of perfection over the entire performance.”

“I bet it was an amazing experience.” Decades later you are still listening, painting and spinning around to the songs of the temptations.

We are delighted to celebrate the work of Lenard Hinds and his love for music. This week we are featuring his painting of the temptations in honor of Black History Month.

You can listen to Lenard Hinds Gospel song… “I Love you Jesus.” featured on http://CobraConsultants1.com