Millennials in the workplace

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Millennials in the workplace

Got to love the millennials:)  They are very popular and smart.  They multitasks. They glare at their smart phones as if they are being sucked in by some strong magnetic field lying underneath the screen of the latest iPhone 6 or Samsung Edge. While the millennials enjoy the prestigious status as the new aristocrats of the workforce, the leaders are often at a loss on how to handle situations in the workplace due to the nature of who this group is and what they represent. Working as an HR professional gives you an insider’s grasp of managing and leading the millennials. One of the pet peeves of the leadership team is millennials texting and using their phones during the weekly meetings. Social Media, especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have changed the way we communicate throughout the day. It is not rare for the millennials to be texting and using social media throughout the workday.  Don’t expect to see them without these phones and iPADs.

Dont’ Hate! This is a popular group of young people with a cult like following: 101 thousand followers on Twitter, The Gram (instragram), 10 thousand on the Book (Facebook), over 500 connections on linkedin and more. The millennials are a busy group.  They got stuff to do and plenty of people to talk to. They are very idealistic. They are pursuing purpose and cause not necessarily financial gain. They are flexible and open to change. See the Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends study of the Millennials at:

Millennials and the world

They are well connected.  That’s right. They have connections all over the world and their passports don’t collect dust. When I contacted a candidate to set up an interview with him, I got an invitation request to connect on linked in as soon as I hung up the phone. If they have your name they are expecting you to have a social media presence to confirm your credentials. For this reason, managing millennials can be difficult if the leader has not been properly trained.

Millennials and performance expectations

I don’t know if they are interested in all the face to face counseling during performance appraisals and evaluation time. Drop a few lines and follow it up with an emoji. You have several to choose from. They are accustomed to scrolling pass what they don’t want to hear or see. They avoid face to face interaction allowing them to avoid the mushy emotions.

Millennials and social media

They have their own text and social media languages and you can often find the slips in the company e-mails: G/N (good night) Ttyl8r (talk to you later), frfr (for real, for real), rotfl (rolling on the floor) etc.

Millennials are virtual employees

Don’t try to nail them to a cubicle or desk. They play golf during the day (of course through their mobile devices). They also play criminal case, candy crush and other fun games to keep them occupied.

Business advice:  You may want to review your companies social media policy. If your company’s HR office does not have one, it may be time to suggest they get one.

Best wishes with that task:)