Talent engagement vs. Brand engagement both are extremely important

wp-1471274042753.jpgHow important is Talent and Brand Engagement? Everyday your brand takes a hit because someone did or did not have a good experience. The key to branding is to reduce the number of negative experiences from your customers and your employees. Lets look at the two.

Talent and Brand Engagement 

Brand Engagement is getting the community at large to buy into your ideas, products, services and then start demanding them. Your  brand should always be of the highest quality.  Your brand engagement strategy should be very active in providing instant feedback to customers as well the company employees. Everyone’s experience and opinion about your brand engagement should carry significant weight with management including contract and contingent workers. You can capture this experience often. Send out end of the day e-mails, polls, surveys and questionnaires about services being provided. Strong and positive brand engagement is an around the clock business in and of itself. This area is cross functional which includes your Talent Acquisition Team, Marketing, Community partners, Social media consultants, customers and employees.

Talent and Brand Engagement

Talent Engagement means engaging  your employees in meaningful work commensurate with the knowledge, skills and abilities for the job is key to talent engagement and employee retention. The mind is capable of processing thousands if not millions of thoughts a minute. If your employees spend the first 3 days waiting on an e-mail account, during administrative task when they were hired as a technical expert you have contributed to a bad candidate and on boarding experience.  Their minds will probably start to roam. The hiring manager should understand the nature of the work in order to create a culture of talent engagement. Its important in the first 10 days of on boarding to setup a training schedule that will keep the employees engaged and the work a priority.

How to know when its time to rethink your brand engagement strategy.

  1. When the competition never mentions your name.
  2. When your turnover ratio is everyday.
  3. When your customers and employees are not skipping into work.
  4. When your employees don’t cry when it’s time to leave.
  5. When you can’t convince your key employees to phase out their retirement another 10 days.

How to know if you need to rethink your talent engagement strategy. 

  1. This particular employee is Missing in Action (M.I.A) at the company happy hour (s) (all of them).
  2. You catch them staring at the ceiling on a regular basis.
  3. Drooling at the desk.
  4. Frequent trips to the bathroom
  5. They have tears in their eyes when the entire office is laughing.
  6. They are laughing when the entire office is crying.

See Forbes contributor – Meghand M. Biro article

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