My Boss has ______me off! Fill in the Blank!


My boss asked me to train the new person.

To my boss: “How you gone asked me to train someone in a position that I’m involuntary leaving?” Talk about insensitive or down right cruel to people. Unfortunately, you can’t teach a management class on how to be a good person to your boss. The bible tells us what a man sows he reaps. With the measure you give man shall give unto you.” I have worked in HR for over 15 years. An area where I see a need for improvement is in the area of hiring and training new employees. Your staff should be a reflection and represent the demographic of customers you serve and support. Diversity and Inclusion should be at the top of your radar. In addition, with the “Brain Drain” a number of baby boomers are exiting the workforce you should always be mindful of the Age Discrimination Employment Act and hire with those employment laws in mind. The older worker has a different core set of values.  Security and loyalty to ones employer is at core. Unlike some (just a few) of the millennials who are guaranteed to be in travel status the week of their birthdays. Forget taking off for the day, they “turn up” all week. Transitioning from college life to real life. On the contrary, they are really great employees. I think my boss is going bananas. Because I love working in HR and I love what I do. I’m going to train the new person really well.  I want her to be motivated and excited about her new job.

What should my boss have done in this situation.

So how do you go about training someone who is replacing someone who is involuntarily leaving? I will share some pointers with you:

Boss: The manager should have a conversation with the employee as to why they did not get the job and give them some time to ask questions regarding their performance. This is especially valuable if the employee has been filling in that position or void that is being filled by someone else for at least 90 days.

Boss: Allow a two week training period. This varies depending on the role. I would allow a week of training for the new employee. I would also have the employee vacating the position to be around the following week in case the new employee has questions once they start performing in the new role.

Relationships are so important in HR. You never know when you might see the person again or work for them later on in life. Remembering we work in the same field.