You want me to add you to my social media page? Add you as my Facebook friend and Linked In! I don’t think so.

Who is a friend on Social Media?

I started my new job and loving it. Met a really cool co-workers and friend. We seem to really have a lot in common. Like, we really click. We attend all the company functions and training together. We have the same sense of humor and from time to time we will show up to the office sporting the same color clothing. When I turn my chair they are the first person I see in the morning. Heck, its like we’ve known each other our entire lives. But one day, that million dollar question popped up! Social Media. Hey are you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Ah- Ah- Ah- Ah, yes, I am. You then try to escaped the inevitable question you knew was coming sooner than later. Yes, they want access to that alter ego space. You know the one that sheds its skin from the business suit, nice shoes and the million dollar smile. They want to take a look at that beast that lives amongst the cyber wild. You know the one sporting that “Wolverine” wife beater and the jeans with an arm full of tattoos. You then get up and start running down the hall to the restroom, alley or anywhere as you hear those words ringing behind you. “I’M GOING TO SEND YOU A FRIEND REQUEST.” You yell in the deepest space in your mind…”NOOOOOO, I will never accept you. I don’t want you to know who I am for real.

I don’t want you to know who I’m dating, my views on politics, race relations etc. That is personal. I’m thinking, how can that be personal when it is on Social Media and the World Wide Web. My badd your space is private. I know about private spaces that were accidentally left open and expose to the public. Needless, to say the audience went nuts at what they saw posted and shared on your private page. Social Media has clearly solidified the alter ego is alive and well.

I know a lady who caught the Holy Ghost at church and her friends uploaded the picture to Social Media. Co-workers were amazed because she raised a million dollars worth of hell at work. “SHE GOES TO CHURCH?” WOW!

You would be surprised what we learn about our co-workers when we spend time with them in a nonjudgmental kind of way The teams that work the closest and form the tightest bonds are those that know you enjoy Hard Rock and Gangsta Rap Music. You are covered with tattoos underneath your suit. Oh yeah, and you got plastered when you went out of town for the vendor conference and your co-workers accidentally stepped over you on the way out the bar.  In spite of your slight imperfections, you are the BEST Employee on the Planet?

Luke 6:37 Judge not, and you shall not be judged: condemn not, and ou want be condemned: forgive, and you shall be forgiven: …38 For with the same measure you give it shall be given back to you.  Accept those friend request or not? That is the million dollar question.

  1. Should my social media profile be considered before, during or after my employment?,d.amc


Best place to work is one that keeps food around!

What kind of food should I put in the cube?

The best place to work is one that keeps food around! Where is the food? If I don’t see food in the first 7 days I’m out. This is the voice of the new contingent worker. Yes, the size of your food cubicle also known as the “Food Cube.” will determine how long I stick around. It is not the size of the cube that matters, but the variety of snacks I have to choose from. Bagels, donuts, pretzels and chocolates are all a must have if you want to retain top talent. Forget bonuses at the end of the year. I got to eat everyday. My new all-time favorite is homemade bread. Can you bake me some of that please. LOL

A reason to celebrate

Studies show that people who feast at work regularly, are happier than those that do not. I do not know if it is the quality of work or that instant sugar rush you get when that piece of chocolate cake hits your palette. Another reason to have this stuff around is it encourages office fellowship. We often bump heads with fellow colleagues in the food cube as we are both reaching for the last danish roll. Birthday celebrations are my favorite. We don’t really care about the birthdays for the month it’s the food we are after. “Luke, it’s your birthday again?” Luke’s answer, “No, last month was my anniversary, this month its my birthday, Whatever, you just trying to be the first one in this food cube. Right! Ha Ha.

I have been on several contingent assignments and the places that keep the best food cube and celebrations tend to be the best places to work. Here are three of my favorite catering companies:

Russo’s Catering

Bon Appetit

Sincerely, Cobra