Top 10 Influential people of 2017

Influential people in 2017 Education – Michael Haggen, Leadership

1) Michael Haggen is one of my top 10 influential people in 2017. He is one of the top executive talent in Education.  Michael is known for his transformation and innovative approach to School Turnaround. Michael has a distinguished taste for style, travel and food. He has traveled the 7 continents providing and starting up schools with academic excellence as the key mission. In 2016, Michael Haggen was named Chief Academic Officer for Scholastic Education. Michael brings more than 20 years of experience in education. I would recommend him as the next U. S. Secretary of Education.

Influential people in 2017 Education – James Nesbit, Administration

2) James Nesbit a phenomenal administrator and all around Great Guy. James Nesbit is known for his instructional leadership and ability to staff a school with the people who exemplify the right skill set for the cultural of the building. He builds a strong bond with parent and community leaders. James is an expert at school administration and operational excellence. I would recommend him also as the next U. S. Secretary of Education.

Influential people in 2017 Human Resources/Transportation  – Darlene Rector, HRIS Director

3) Darlene has been with Enterprise Holdings for more than 17 years and leads a dynamic HRIS team. She is very smart and community involved. She is a great mother and believes in family work life balance. Although, she has a hectic schedule, she maintains a smile and always says thank you for her team’s hard work. Darlene is an expert in Human Capital Management Software systems. I recommend her and see her being a VP of System Operations.

Influential people in 2017 Human Resources Business Partner II/Healthcare, Pharmaceutical  – Mallory (Downs) Mancini, PHR 

4) She is a Business Partner II at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. BJC is ranked as one of the worlds leading Hospitals by U. S. news and World reports. Mallory works with executives in various departments. She is hands on with organizational initiatives and quickly acclimates to new challenges and growth opportunities.

Influential people in 2017 Business Woman – Barbara Corcoran

5) Barbara Corcoran a savvy business woman after my own heart. When I ventured into real estate I found her on the internet and basically patterned my business moves based on what she had done or was doing. I guess you could say she was my unofficial business mentor. She is an accomplished real-estate mogul, business woman, consultant, speaker and TV personality. She is said to have a networth of $9 million! She is such an inspiration. ” She is a Shark” You can check her out on &

Influential people in 2017 Senior IT/Clinical Recruitment – Manish Choudhary

6) If you are looking for a job Manish is the person to contact. He is one of the best recruiters in the business. He is genuinely concerned about each of his placements and hires. He keeps in touch and supports their career goals long after the assignment is over. Manish has a sense of humor and is driven and motivated by his client’s success. I look and recommend Manish Choudhary for VP of Talent acquisition in the future.


Influential people in 2017 Not for Profit, Bereavement Counseling and Family Care  – Cheryl McGee

7) Cheryl is an amazing person. She has a smile and touch that can warm the hearts of the angriest mob. Whether she is performing as a lead receptionist or working in her ministry as a bereavement counselor she is a joy to work with.

Influential people in 2017 Human Resources, Deputy Director StaffingClifton Yancy

8) Clifton started his career with the government and has over 20 years filling vacancy and on boarding talent all over the country. He leads several state, region and national hiring initiatives to keep the government running and servicing the various programs in defense, treasury and agricultural. I recommend him for the next United States Deputy Secretary of Agriculture.

Influential people in 2017 Human Resources Information System/Healthcare, Rebecca Feldman.

9) Rebecca Feldman is a ball of positive energy. She is creative, smart and a leader in HRIS. She is self motivated and truly loves what she does. Inspired by Recbecca and listening to her conduct webinars on ERP systems and integration, she helped catapult my career into HRIS as an HR Coordinator, ERP Specialist, and Business System Analyst for large organizations. I look to her and recommend her for a VP of System Operations.

Influential people in 2017 Human Resources/HRIS for large organizations –

Carmen Hill 

10) Carmen Hill, MBA started her career in HR as an HR management intern. She is now an HR Blogger, Business System Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Founder of Cobra  She has worked in every functional area in HR. she has spent most of her career supporting executives in large organizations achieve business goals and transform cultures. She started her online business blog in 2014 and is the author a new book titledGuidelines on How to Get off The Sidelines.”  A copy of her e-book can be purchased for $2.99 at

She is a woman of faith and believes in the awesome power of God as he manifest his presence daily in your business and career goals. I see her doing whatever she wants to do in the business world and being great at fulfilling her life assignments.