Money and Love…can the two balance


Money and Love

This topic right here be wearing me out!  Money. What is it about this green paper. Money and Love both have roots. Where have you planted your seeds? People who have money are looking for love and people who have love are looking for money. Woo child…is there really a happy medium? There are those who appear to have a little of both but according to the divorce rate they are mere gymnast walking a tightrope with a beam. God forbids someone gets sick or lose their jobs the relationship is often tried. Can you really find true love and what is a nice balance? Is it fair to ask your fiancé for a pre nuptial agreement on his or her wealth? Can the other partner ask that a cap be placed on how much love
the other receives? (Of course,for the sake of this blog I’m going to go along with all view points:) Because I don’t know the truth. What is “love.”  What is “money”? The more I write about this topic the more the web appears to be tangled.

What is Love

I think first let’s define what love is.
Yes, it is important to determine both parties definition of love. Love for one person is totally different to the other. Two people can be romantically and intellectually compatible, but define love in different ways. For example, my definition of love is, “The genuine and unconditional concern for the well being of the other person by my actions regardless of the circumstances.” In other words it is unconditional not mere talk. It sounds good right;) When people are called to make tuff financial decisions you see that there definition of love has a very different meaning unbeknownst to the other party. Most people will not admit during favorable times that they do have conditions on their love and that condition is their money!!! Yep, nobody is trying to go broke in search of trying to fulfill an emotional need. An emotion that can’t pay bills, can’t buy groceries and can’t fulfill the unique purpose in ones life. Remember, for this blog, I’m agreeing with all view points:) Then there are those people who don’t have much of anything, yes very few monetary resources and fall deeply in love and stay in love. There are those who seek love to replace the fact there is no money. After all it takes money to make money and love cost us nothing. What I’m trying to figure out is which one has the greater weight or value. I’ve seen some relationships go south when it comes to that change. I’m just keeping it real.

The bible says in Galatians 6:2 “to practice carrying each others burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” In today’s society with everyone being so independent it is rare that we have to carry one another’s burdens and when we have to do so in our relationships it poses extreme concerns. So, we have a few suggestions you can practice while trying to test the boundaries of love. It will probably be fun to make up your own suggestions too. In the event you have to make adjustment you have already participated in a test run.

Pretend to live off one person’s salary for a limited time.
Compromise your say in financial decision for 3-6 months.
Practice catering to the other person every need for 3-6 months.

These topics may appear to be light but they can have an impact on business decisions later on down the line.

We know that love is the greatest power on this earth. We also know the battle of Love and Money has existed since ancient times. We have successful couples that we will podcast with soon to share some pointers and tip on how they balance the two.
Remember there is a thin line between love and hate. Hopefully, you won’t find out the hard way.

The World of Art with Lenard Hinds

wp-1452136997035.jpgLenard Hinds’s painting titled,AFTERSCHOOL

It is the innocent and vulnerable state of the children in their grandfather’s care that makes this such a beautiful piece. Lenard Hinds a renowned artist of this period states …”It is the struggle of youth that births and shapes the imagination of the Artist.” Through the imagination, the artist takes the paint brush to places the mind and circumstances can not go. Lenard Hinds can take a canvas and turn it into paintings that capture the “Heart of the moment!

Mr. Hinds is considered an urban legend with crazy swagg and a flair for fashion design, yet he is super poised and purposed as an artist. He is a visionary leader who is committed and passionate about his calling to the ARTS!!!

When I try to compare and juxtapose Hinds work with artist of earlier periods, I see the influence from every era, particularly John Singer Sargent. Sargent was known as the “leading portrait painter of his generation.” You can visit His virtual gallery:

When Lenard Hinds is not recording music [** yes he is also an accomplished pianist, music producer and composer**] he spends time with his first love, his family, particularly his grandchildren. One day he picked them up from school and before he could question them about the activities of the day, they had fallen asleep in the backseat of his car. He looked through the rear view mirror and noticed them peacefully sleeping on one another without the others expressed permission. The true love and understanding of siblings. He reached for his camera and snapped the shot! He went home and grabbed a cup of cappachino and began painting this masterpiece he calls “Afterschool.” Lenard Hinds says, “Great paintings are often impulsive, meaningful, creative and wrapped in a little sense of humor.”

Paintings are visualized and framed from experiences that are universal and common to humanity.  It is the painter’s uniqueness and culture realities that serve as a guide as the artist subconsciously chooses his colors to portray this experience on the canvas.

Lenard Hinds is an artist and art dealer. He is also an entrepreneurer. He owns the “Esaye’s Artist Development Center.” His paintings can be seen in exhibits in various galleries and museums.

I spoke with Lenard Hinds and stated, “You have been so blessed in your gift and talents. Do you have any further goals? He responded, “Of course I do! I’m just getting started. I would like to have one of my paintings for sale in the Christie’s Auctions in New York City.”

We will be chatting with Lenard Hinds in a Podcast later this month in our entrepreneur chat room. If you would like to inquire about the purchase of one of his paintings please send e-mails to or you can visit Lenard Hinds Facebook page. He has limited editions of this painting.


Billionaire John Paul DeJoria says the smartest thing he’s ever done with his money is a habit he started at age 6

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One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor


In this topic of discussion what do we mean by ceilings and floors? I first define a ceiling as any physical, mental or spiritual configuration put in place to protect or shelter you from the elements of nature. A ceiling can also be used to inform the builder that he has met all the specifications and designs of the buidler based on a set determined measurement and the project is complete. By contrast, what do we mean by floor. The floor is the beginning of a new project it has no visible ceiling or ending point. It is often made of material that can support the expected load. So, it is safe to say, “One man’s completion point is another’s man starting point.” How can you tell if you have hit your financial ceiling or about to embark on new beginnings? Well, I think you decide that! This transition in life is mostly determine by your vision. Money is not necessarily the end goal, but it is one measure (there are others) we use to determine how much you will need to accomplish the quality of life you choose to have. For example, try this. I am at the floor of my financial journey. I’ve built my spiritual floor so my foundation is solid. In the next 12 months, these are the things I hope to accomplish if God wills:

I plan on a gross income of $500,000 this year; I am going to make these purchases and donations:

I’m going to give a 10th to my church family ($50,000)

March 2016 – Art painting of my choice $1200 budgeted
June 2016 – Art painting of my choice $1200 budgeted
September 2016- Art painting of my choice $1200 budgeted
December 31, 2016 – Art painting of my choice $1200 budgeted
June 30, 2016 – Purchase a new home for $200,000 budgeted
July 1, 2016 – Take my son on a trip to Florida $3,000 budgeted
November 2016 – Take a trip to Cayman Islands $6,000 budgeted
Oh yeah! might as well throw a car in there. Lol
In March 2016 – $25,000 for a new car.

If your financial ceiling is $70,000 a year it is next to impossible that these goals will happen for you without some spiritual intervention, but if you readjust your thinking and start to climb mentally, you will start adjusting priorities in your life to accomplish whatever it is you desire and have so much fun while doing it. You don’t need the approval of others just go make it happen!!!

NBA Tip off for you…”Watch spending ya money this season”



Being in the NBA does have its Perks!!!
Lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, marketing executives and your crew from way back will be hanging in your entourage this season they just love the NBA. To protect you we have placed spending your money in four tiers:

The first tier: represents  the professionals you have chosen to handle your day-to-day financing and budget.  This group will make money from you this NBA season, because they are paid to make sure you keep to your budget. You need to make sure they are keeping to their budgets as well. Watch excessive fees and who is writing the checks. Attend important meetings and make sure no transactions goes down without your written consent.

The second tier represents the entrepreneur in you. That’s right, now that you have that money you can open up that business you always wanted to get off the ground. Remember you are an employee of a franchise. Although your work is seasonal, you have to condition 12 months out of the year.  Do you really have time to devote much thought to another job requiring employees, payroll, and deadlines? Many athletes think about investments outside of the their lucrative contracts and may get stuck with a bad investment.  The reality is: there will be plenty of time later in your career to participate in investment opportunities.

The third tier represents  luxury living. Yes, enjoy the fruits of your labor you have worked hard, made good grades, put yourself through school and now its time to benefit from the fruits of your labor.  Remember the desires of the heart have no limits. Everyday you can wake up and think of something you desire to have. Quickly learn to align your desires with your budget. Some desires will have to be fulfilled next season.

The fourth tier represents your family and friends. Learn how to say “NO.” If you practice saying “NO,” when you do say “YES,” it makes it seem like a real big deal. 🙂

Spending Tips:  Assemble you a team of 5 people from each generation and observe their consumer behavior. Run your purchases and ideas through a millennial, generation X, generation Y, baby boomer, and traditionalist. If you can get all 5 of them to agree with you on your idea then that may be a solid purchase. You can also holla at J. Money at Budgets are $exy

Always pay your tax obligation (IRS) and other tax entities first. If you don’t pay them now you will pay them later and trust me you don’t want to see them later.

Protect your money this season like you protect that ball coming down the court. Have a great 2015-2016 season. I will be watching!!!