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After being laid off on numerous occasion I realized something for the first time. Once again, I’m being walked to the door with a pile of my personal folders, picture of my kids and an outstanding evaluation on the top of the pile saying, “Outstanding Performer“. Yes, I am an outstanding performer with or without a job. I am a forward thinker, thought leader, innovator and motivator. You know one of those INTJ types. If you are into the personality types. I’m Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, non Judgmental 🙂 Supportive, Steady, Stable, Sensitive Status Quo and Results oriented individual. I believe with God all things are possible!


We celebrate the world of art and its contribution to society. Lenard Hinds says, John was one of the greatest artist to ever live.  John-Singer Sargent continues to move us with his brush strokes and timeless pieces. If you get a chance please visit his site below:


When my back is against the wall I start thinking and praying. I am a $58 covenant partner with the Wisdom Center. Yes, all great business people need mentors. I’ve been tuning into Mike Murdock for years at His principles are founded on the word of GOD and I believe them.

I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to start a business consulting firm and I’m going to open up a book store. I love to read.


But as an entreprenurer  I had to get fired up!!! So, I found on the internet at:

Then I found a YouTube video by Stella Payton “How God Broke the Curse of Poverty and Lack over my Life – My testimony” then I subscribed to her YouTube channel. Finding out your purpose in life takes some time because you have to spend time with yourself and God and truly be honest about what he is calling you to do.

Then I wanted to be mentally and physical fit. They Gym is a great place to think about your project and God talks to you through other people. You can join a YMCA in your area at:


I have worked in corporate America as an HR professional, supporting C-Level Executives for 15 plus years. I have done fairly well in my career pursuits. In addition, I have been a business manager and entrepreneur in real estate, music, education,   and entertainment. I think I have enough experience to add a thing or two to the business world. I’m going to blend my Corporate experience and my writing style with technology.  I chose four of the best blogger to show me the ropes:

I did exactly what they told me to do and guess what??? I am now a blogger.  Of course, I tweeked it a little bit to give it my own flavor, but the plan is in operation.

I have a special shout out for Harsh Agrawal at

The website introduced me to I really enjoy blogging and want to really hone my business writing skills. Because of Shout Me Loud, I am now a free lance writer.! Thanks


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