Black is the color, now picture me rolling!


I’m in Black now picture me rolling

I’m cool, I’m calm, I’m collected

Every business move I make is detected

For the purpose of making me influential

My game is inconsequential

You never see me coming

I wear all black to state the fact

that I see no colors.

I only roll with those who are looking for a way to conquer the Globe

as we stroll down this journey together

I’m in Black now picture me rolling

Yes, you and I

we both want a piece of the same pie

That American bread because we are trying to get ahead of the madness

of working day to day to pay bills

It is causing me sadness

But, I’m going to stay cool

Cuz I’m in Black now picture me rolling

I had this notion

that I would be next in line for a promotion,

but it fell through because I believed in somebody other than God!

My friends ask are you alright, so I gestures to them with a soft Nod

Yeah, this too shall pass.

All good and perfect gifts come from the creator

Why am I reflecting on the bible passage 10 years later.

How did I get in the rat race

I guess trying to keep up with your pace.

I should have been had my own.

My own something: Beauty Shop, Car Wash, Food Truck

Grinding a 9 to 5 can really, really suck!

But it’s time.

I’m going to put my irons in the fire

so I can shine.

Entrepreneurship is calling

There’s no sense in me stalling

I was born to do this

I got my own twist and ideas on how to make money

So, picture me rolling right off this job!

This is for my real entrepreneurs its time to get creative.