Boxing the BIG Payout$$- with Ben Stewart

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Boxing career

Are you ready for a career in boxing?  Do you have the punch to “Knock Em Out”. Many talented boxers dream of being Floyd Mayweather one day. Today we are going to talk about the business of boxing and how to make money in this sport. Without a doubt,  I think this is one of the most skilled sports of them all. Its all about self preservation. I’m talking with legendary coach Ben Stewart on the history of boxing and the legacy he leaves with this sport. St. Louis Missouri has always been a prominent scene for boxing. This is where you can catch Ben Stewart wp-1460590361813.jpgtraining and breeding the next stable of boxers who will fight for the those belts.

“Ben, how much money can fighters make in this sport? “Undercard fighters for top fights can earn $20,000. A boxer can earn as little as $1500 and as much as $40  million dollars as his career progresses to that of a professional boxer.” “Boxers don’t earn salaries they get a percentage of the fight from the promoters. The percentage is also called a “purse.” Many young fighters dream of a lucrative career in boxing. However, this sport takes discipline, perseverance, patience, determination and skill.”  “Ben can you tell us about the weight classes? “Yes, I can.”

Boxing Weight Classes

“Originally it was only 8 classes”  “The original weight classes were:

106lbs., 112lbs., 119lbs., 125lbs., 135lbs., 147lbs., 160 lbs., 175lbs., and 200lbs. They have now mix the old with the new. There are now 17 weight classes:

  1. Strawweight up to 105lbs.
  2. Junior fly weight 105 to 108 lbs.
  3. Flyweight 108 to 112 lbs
  4. Super flyweight 112 to 115 lbs
  5. Bantom weight 115 to 118 lbs.
  6. Super bantam weight 118 to 122 lbs.
  7. Featherweight 122 to 126 lbs
  8. Super featherweight 126 to 130 lbs
  9. Lightweight 130 to 135 lbs
  10. Super lightweight 135 to 140 lbs
  11. Welter weight 140 to 147 lbs
  12. Super welter weight 147 to 154 lbs
  13. Middle weight 154 to 160 lbs
  14. Super middle weight 160 to 168 lbs
  15. Light Heavy Weight 168 to 175 lbs
  16. Cruiser Weight 175 to 200 lbs
  17. Heavy Weight over 200 lbs.

Adding the additional weight classes made things more complicated. The good thing is it allowed more young people to fight in the different weight classes.”  Do you have any advice for the up and coming boxers? Yeah! the money used to be in the heavy weight! Not anymore. You can make money in just about any weight class. I still love the heavy weights though!  They have changed up the game. How do boxers get started. First, it’s good to enter local matches and train to win a Golden Glove, ABF or Amateur Title. Go to the Olympics.  You will need some sponsors and promoters to back you up initially. Train everyday for  4 to 6 weeks before a fight. Hit the gym hard! Preferably at a training camp.

I use  this workout schedule for the kids. wp-1460592667811.jpg In addition, choose a boxing club, enlist a personal trainer, work out and then start sparring work on jabs, cross right hook, uppercuts, orthodox, south paw stance etc. Eat right and stay focused on the business at hand. Learn the business of boxing. Once you win an amateur title get license as a Professional Boxer”… visit: you can also read an article by Clayton Browne, Demand Media. The article is titled, “How to Get licensed as a Pro Boxer”

Boxing and promotions

Boxing promoters have the power when it comes to the money. The boxing promoter arranges and coordinates the fight matches. He assumes all the financial responsibility and usually stands to reap a huge benefit. The promoters interest is to make money from the fight. His interest is not necessarily on the fighters themselves, but the boxing matches that will draw huge pay per viewers (PPV) . The average households will spend roughly $55.00 for access to a PPV match. On September 13, 2013, the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul Alvarez fight drew $150 million dollars from PPV supported by two millions buys. Floyd Mayweather took home 41.5 million from that fight. Mayweather has negotiated deals with Showtime in the past for a set amount for a predetermine number of fights. Most of the purse is split between the promoters and the boxers. Not only do boxers need to be skilled, but the also need to entertain to draw the viewers.

Boxing guru – Ben Stewart Legacy

Ben Stewart started boxing in 1953. He won his first championship belt at the age of 16 after delivering an explosive punch at the Gamble Recreation Center. Since then,  Ben Stewart also known as the “Father of Boxing” has won many titles and has coached just about every boxing talent to grace the ring. He is truly the “Quiet In the Storm”. This man has given back to the boxing community in ways no other manager, trainer, boxer or promoter could ever do. He has raised and coached great boxing athletes such as: William Guthrie, Borris Powell, Arthur Jamieson, Lewis Howard, Vincent WebbsRandy Cross, Eric Benford and Bryant Evans.  Ben Stewart has been coaching and working with Joshua Temple (the #1 Amateur U.S. Heavyweight Champ) since he was 11 years old in the Wohl recreation center’s gym. “Its your passion and love for the sport that will determine if you stay in this game.”  

If you have your eyes on that championship belt and a  HUGE PURSE you may want to contact Ben Stewart HE CAN GET YOU WHERE YOU ARE TRYING TO GO!!! at Wohl’s Recreation Center 314-367-2292