imagesNODJVI6ZDiscernment is that keen intuition that tells our faculties when to go into overdrive or when to put the gears in reverse.  All new employees want to do a good job for their new boss. However, there will always be a scenario where the boss may support one employee’s talents and advancement, while obviously over looking another’s talent.  This is no reason to be alarmed.  This is a natural phenomenon and a great opportunity to explore  leadership coaching and support.  Leaders develop other leaders while managers manage the day-to-day operations. Managers may acquire talent for the day, but leaders look to develop talent for the organization as a whole.  In the modern workforce competition is fierce.  It can be hard to get noticed for those advanced positions.  Be patient your time will come.  This is a great opportunity to hone your business discernment.  Discern your environment. “When someone supports  and belive in what you do, you can do no wrong!  When someone does not believe in what you do, you can do no right! Discern the difference. Don’t overwork yourself. Ask God to raise up an advocate to show you favor in your talents.