40 hour work week

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Title: How the 40 hour work week became the standard.

Title of this chat:  Current situation of the 9 to 5.

Every employee has a diffeent productivity level. Having a 40 hour work week is not indicative that time spent at work for 40 hours is productive. Some employee can complete a task in 5 hours, while it takes another employee 8 hours. Technology is also changing the way employees spend their time.  Many employees spend a significant amount of time tracking and responding to social media. Have you been to team meeting lately? At Least 3 out of 10 employees will have their faces burried in the iphone, smart phone, android. etc.

I don’t think the number of days worked is as important as the number of hours. I volunteered to work a compressed work schedule of  four 10 hour days to accomodate our customers in the west coast on pacific time. Every Thursday at around 2: 30p.m.,  I felt fatigued and run-down. I knew that I had reached my weekly productivity capacity and Thursday afternoon was indeed my Friday.

According to a  United Nations study written by Daniel Wesley, the United States, 40 hour work week has been the standard while the work week in many European countries have been even shorter. Other studies show Asia – averages 60 hour or more, Australia 30, Europe 35 hour a week, Canada and Quebec 35.4.

Working in Corporate america for over 20 years, I am of the opionion that most Americans in occupational positions spend roughly 6 to 7 hours actually engaged in productive work, which adds up to approximately 30 to 35 hours a week. While most upper level managers, spend a significant amount of time over the required 40 hour work week and are exempt from overtime according to the Fair Labor Standards criteria for overtime payment over a 40 hours work week.  Of course, you have the team leaders and the office Die-hards who will put in and extra hour everynight to review and stay caught up on work. However, in most cases, the office is clear by 4: 30 p.m.  Any legislations mandating more than a 40 hour work week will be counterproductive and may start to lead to health and fitness issues of the American workforce.

Feel free to comment are take a poll on how many Americans believe the workweek should exceed the 40-hour work week.

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