Brown Nosing


Word of the Day:  Ingratiate – to try to get the approval of (an important or powerful person) by praise, flattery. etc. To ingratiate oneself with: curry favor with people of influence.

Now let’s use it in a paragraph!

Brown Nosing the Boss,

The office brownnoser ingratiates oneself with the boss. You got to love’em. The BN is alive and well in 2015.  Their presence is as important to any corporate office as the water cooler is to the hallway.  As a matter of fact, you can meet up at the water cooler to catch up on the latest theatrics of the office BN.  They are a much-needed part of the work environment. They affirm the managers decisions, support the agenda and pretty much gives a Go! Fight! Win! to everything the boss implements. They bring comfort to new managers and directors by affirming important decisions and assuring the leader that everything is going according to plan. If the boss is happy the team is happy. This is a long-time political maneuver used most often in corporate settings. Is it still effective in the area of technology and data driven initiatives. Work is becoming more remote and transparent. Can the BN survive? Brown nosers are historically known for trying to kiss up to the boss in place of earning there stripes through hard work and perseverance. In my 15 plus years of experience, I’ve seen the advantages of brown-nosing and I’ve also seen the disadvantages of brown-nosing. I don’t think brown-nosing is a deliberate act on the part of  the brown-noser, I believe its more about their personality and respect for authority. No matter who the authoritative figure might be. I’ve seen the BN suck up to people of equal status. Brown-nosing works best with people of influence who are all to willing to have the ego stroked constantly. The only problem with brown-nosing it should not be used in lieu of work performance. The advantages of brown-nosing:  Access to the boss, easy assignments, and trust.  The disadvantages: Missed opportunity to bond with the team; missed time spent learning the job and the most awful payback for someone who tries to stay to close to the boss:  When the company decides to change management the BN risk being changed out with his boss. The new cycle of brown-nosing starts over.

We prefer a more neutral stance. Keep quiet, keep a low profile with upper management, be nice and speak to everyone; only give compliments when the work warrants such. Let your work be your mouth piece.